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Joyful Moment on this Monday


Today I’m thankful for the sun!  What a gorgeous day it was today- a reminder that Spring is coming.   My classroom doesn’t have any windows (except for the nice little poster of a window that the teacher from last year left).

When I left the room at the end of the day to do dismissal duty, I overheard another teacher saying  “Oh wait!  It’s sunny today??”  She has several tiny windows in her room but when she saw the big picture windows at the front of the school, she saw how sunny it really was!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day and not make a point to walk by a window or an outside door.  I live in my own little world not seeing the effects of the sun.

It makes me think…How often do I go about my day without recognizing that the Son is here?  Do I stop and “glance out the window” to see what He’s doing?  Or do I live like I’m still in the dark?

Do I look for the blessings that He pours down?  Do I notice when He shows me a glimpse of Himself?  Do I see how He’s working in that student in front of me or in that relationship with my coworker?

I’m thanking God for His Son today-for the amazing gift that He’s given me.  He sent His Son to this earth so that I could live in the light and not in the darkness anymore.

How am I still living in the darkness?  Yes, we’re still living in a broken and sinful world with darkness all around, but am I allowing Him to sanctify me?  Am I watching when He points to the light?  Am I basking in those glimpses of the light that He sends my way?

Where have you seen the God’s light today?