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Joyful Moment on this Monday


Today I’m thankful for the sun!  What a gorgeous day it was today- a reminder that Spring is coming.   My classroom doesn’t have any windows (except for the nice little poster of a window that the teacher from last year left).

When I left the room at the end of the day to do dismissal duty, I overheard another teacher saying  “Oh wait!  It’s sunny today??”  She has several tiny windows in her room but when she saw the big picture windows at the front of the school, she saw how sunny it really was!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day and not make a point to walk by a window or an outside door.  I live in my own little world not seeing the effects of the sun.

It makes me think…How often do I go about my day without recognizing that the Son is here?  Do I stop and “glance out the window” to see what He’s doing?  Or do I live like I’m still in the dark?

Do I look for the blessings that He pours down?  Do I notice when He shows me a glimpse of Himself?  Do I see how He’s working in that student in front of me or in that relationship with my coworker?

I’m thanking God for His Son today-for the amazing gift that He’s given me.  He sent His Son to this earth so that I could live in the light and not in the darkness anymore.

How am I still living in the darkness?  Yes, we’re still living in a broken and sinful world with darkness all around, but am I allowing Him to sanctify me?  Am I watching when He points to the light?  Am I basking in those glimpses of the light that He sends my way?

Where have you seen the God’s light today?

Parent Conferences



Today I had back to back conferences from early in the morning until the end of the school day.   I spent most of yesterday completing all the folders and writing notes so that I could remember what to say in each one.   I felt very organized when I left school but, of course,  when I got home, I began to stress a  bit about all of the things that I wanted to make sure to say.

I began to pray through all of these conferences.  What a joy that was to be able to spend some time thinking about the strengths of each student.  It changes how I go into conferences when I take the time to thank God for each child and to pray for wisdom for our discussions .

I was reminded today how much I love parent conferences!  After being in hundreds of IEP meetings over the years, I have often seen the ways that collaboration between home and school is a major key in a child’s success.   I love being part of that collaboration.   Whether it’s an “easy” conference or a more difficult one, the process of connecting and talking about strategies and tools for a student’s success makes me excited.

Sometimes there is a fear that there will be fireworks during the conference if there are disagreements or hard things shared, but when we  focus on the relationship and work towards finding common ground, there is a joy in knowing that we can work together as a team.

I’m thankful tonight for the things that were shared in our meetings-the strengths and the hard things. There were times today that I was reminded that there is a bigger picture.  Sometimes academics and the school day are the least of these students’ worries.

I’m thankful for each family that God has placed my students in.   I’m thankful for all the teachers that I have worked with over the years that have so genuinely cared for their students-not just the academic part of their students but the whole child.     I pray that we would continue to be able to work together as a team to encourage and challenge each student as they take their next step towards independence.

What is your favorite part of parent conferences?  How do you prepare?  How do you encourage parents and students during these meetings?

Thankful Heart

IMG_0343 - Copy

Here it is Monday-the day I said I would share a moment of joy, but sometimes I just don’t like the path that I’ve been given.   As I walk with another friend through a rough time, I am saddened.   I am thankful for so many things , yet sometimes it’s hard to remember those things in the difficult moments.

I can’t always see what’s ahead and at times that brings fear.  What if those things that I’ve hoped for do not come to pass?  What if my desires for my life aren’t God’s desires?  What if I am disappointed by the road that I take? What if something happens to those I love?   How will I cope? How will others around me cope?

Tonight, I was with some friends.  We began talking about the journeys we’re on.  We’ve all had disappointments.  We’ve all struggled with what our hope should be in life, but tonight we remembered together that we can trust in a faithful God.  We don’t know the future and we don’t always know where He’s leading us, but we can know and believe that He is a God that loves us.  He promises to work good in all situations.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always see how a situation can be used for good.  There’s a step of faith that I have to take to put my trust in God’s promise.   Sometimes gratitude is a choice.  Sometimes I have to look back and see the glimpses of good that God has shown me in difficult situations in the past.  I have to allow my mind and heart to be reminded that He is at work now even in this broken world.

Sometimes gratefulness is a choice.  Today I’m thankful for the body of Christ who can remind me of God’s promises.   I’m thankful for His Word that reminds me that this world is not all there is.  I’m thankful that He has given us the hope of eternity with Him.  I’m also thankful that He gives us glimpses of hope now.  I’m thankful that He is making all things new.   I’m thankful that He is with me through those times that I struggle and those times that I doubt.

I’m thankful that He hears my cries.  I’m thankful that He knows my fears and my sadness and that He walks alongside me.  I’m thankful that today He pointed me back to His promises.

Where did you see a glimpse of hope today?