Monthly Archives: March 2014

Another Snowy Monday


Does this picture look familiar?  Did you get another snow day or are you basking in the warmth of somewhere like Florida?:)

We’ve now used 9 snow days.  If none of them get waived, we get to go all the way through the last week in June!!!  Yippee!!  Just in time for Extended School Year to start:).

I have definitely loved these unexpected days off, though.  A friend posted that he was trying to be upset with all this snow in the “spring” but when it starts falling, it’s just so beautiful and fun to have that day off that he can’t complain.  It’s kind of how I feel.

Although, I really don’t want to go to school year round, I LOVE those snow days where I can pretend that I can’t get out on the roads and I just HAVE to stay inside and read or watch movies or bake or take a nap.

It gives me time to slow down and enjoy that quiet time….enjoy more time reading God’s Word, enjoy more time praying for those in my life.

With all these snow days, though, I’ve been thinking a lot  about how to slow down and enjoy God’s presence throughout the busy days as well.  We all have 24 hours every day.  How are we going to use them?

How can I slow down even on my busy days and SEE those around me?  How can I FIND joy in the middle of a day of meltdowns and unexpected schedule changes, and many pressures from many different angles?

I’m spending time right now praying that God would open my eyes to His presence whether I have a full snow day or whether I have a full day of teaching.

Would you pray that with me?  Would you pray that you would SEE those around you-see their needs/see their joys and their hurts?

Would you pray that you would FIND joy in the middle of whatever God has for your day.