Monthly Archives: February 2014

Monday Moment- February 17


So here it is Monday again.  I missed last week-I’ll blame it on snow, but really life just got away from me.  Today as I sit at home watching Olympics and enjoying another day off (this 5 day weekend has been great!), I am finding joy in rest and slowness.  I’m thankful that I could stay in bed a few minutes longer and spend a few more minutes in God’s Word.

I’m also finding joy in time just to sit and read.   What are you reading right now? The Book Thief is what I’m enjoying right now.

Now there are MANY things on my list to do today-schoolwork, vacuum, clean the kitchen, make that soup with the leftovers, etc…but right now, I’m moving slow and doing one little thing at a time.  Trying to find joy in the moment-even if that moment is cleaning or cooking.

Can I remember this slowness tomorrow when I go back to work and am running quickly through my day to deal with the next meltdown?  How can I slow down not only when there’s a whole day off in front of me but also when I have a very full day in front of me?

Praying that God would remind me to find joy in the moment-not ONLY on Mondays or not ONLY on days that I have extended amounts of time with no schedule, but also on every other day.

How have you found joy today?