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Stay tuned for a preview of a new booklet geared towards teens who are dealing with hopelessness or grief.  The booklet walks through the acronym HOPE that I’ve described below-putting the finishing touches on it now!


Name what you’re feeling.   Name your sin. Think about your story-where have you been?  Where are you now?  Where do you hope to go?


Remember God’s constant presence with you. He promises to NEVER leave us!   Thank Him that your story is a part of His bigger story.


Move towards other people in the body of Christ.  We need each other!  Listen to them.  Be honest with them.  Ask for help.  Allow others to remind you of God’s truth.

Eternal Perspective

Remember that this world is not all there is.  Christ died for us so that we could live eternally.  2 Corinthians 4

Where Do We Find Joy?

Where do we find joy?  I’ve been studying Psalm 119 with a group of women, and today several verses about joy popped out at me.  Verse 103 says “How sweet are your words to my taste.  Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”  The author compares God’s Word to honey often, but I began thinking about what my favorite foods are-chocolate came to mind first of course!!

What food do you run to when you want something sweet?  Do you run to God’s Word the same way?  The psalmist says later in verse 111 “I have inherited Your testimonies forever, for they are the joy of my heart.”  Where do we find joy?  God’s Word will give us pure joy.

I began thinking-where do I run for joy?  Do I run to chocolate to get that sweet little bite of joy?  How many times do I run to God’s Word to find true joy?  Grab some coffee (or chocolate:)  and God’s Word and spend a few minutes looking for joy there.

Pray that God would remind you to run to His Word.  Maybe that favorite food can even become a reminder.  Ask God to help you remember His Word when you take a bite of that certain food.

Here’s a song about it- oldie but a goodie…check it out.

Hope in the Journey

Enjoy this free bookmark:)

In those tough times, I need to remember to….

Be HONEST with my feelings.
Trust in God’s OMNIPRESENCE.
Move towards other PEOPLE in the body of Christ and
Live with an ETERNAL perspective.

Enjoy your weekend!

August Back to School Panic

So here it is, the end of August, and here comes the panic!  How am I going to plan my schedule so that every kid gets what they need?   How am I going to mesh that schedule with the new school schedule?  What will classroom teachers say when they find out my schedule comes first and they have to adjust:)  just kidding!  How am I going to set up my room?  Oh wait before I can even set up-how am I going to replace all that stuff that was ruined in my room when there was a flood?  Will our new team work well together? You know I had the dream team last year!  How am I going to meet the need of every kid?  How am I going to creatively teach them those oh so important life skills in the midst of getting them ready for that test?  How am I going to show them that I care?  How am I going to face a new year full of IEP scheduling?  Did I hear that they’re changing the IEP format AGAIN?  I wonder if I’ll get planning this year?  What about the new families?  Will I work well with them?  How late AM I going to stay that first week we’re back?  How come I can’t get into my classroom yet? 

Will someone realize THIS year that testing is taking me out of the classroom many, many, many days that could be used to actually teach?  How will I have a positive attitude in the midst of all that not so fun testing and paperwork and less and less planning?   What will the new students be like?  Will I get to teach content or will I be dealing with more behaviors this year? 

I know I’m not alone in that August panic!  Although I LOVE teaching and feel that it is where God has called me, I do tend to let worry and panic creep in during this time of year.  Today, as I drove home from having coffee with a friend (you know that might not happen again for 9 months:), I felt myself truly in worry mode.  So, I came home knowing that I needed to spend some time handing over these worries to the God of the Universe!  Of course, that’s not always my first reaction, but today He guided my heart to come to Him and to leave that panic at His feet. 

One of the hymns that stuck in my head was “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.”    Are you feeling that August panic?  Go spend some time listening to this hymn and let God remind you that He is in control.  Go play it on the piano or listen to that iTunes version or that CD.    YouTube has some great versions of it and some have the lyrics too. 

Go ahead and remember how sweet it is to trust that our God can handle even our August panic.